Art consultancy

Noble House Valuation provides help with the purchase or sale of works of art and antiques acting on behalf of the client, in the following ways:

  • Offer independent advice on the quoted price of a proposed purchase or sale
  • Undertake an independent expert appraisal
  • Offer advice on any conservation or restoration issues to do with a proposed purchase
  • Assist with negotiating a better price
  • Advise on the best method of disposal e.g. trade or auction house
  • Arrange a sale by private treaty
  • Advise on the best time for sale or establish a program of incremental selling over a longer period
  • Put a client in touch with an appropriate accountant or lawyer to advise on potential tax issues
  • Arrange for collection and temporary storage pending sale
  • Arrange for house clearances and appropriate disposal of the contents (sale, charitable donation, etc.)

By trying to negotiate and using different approaches on each item or collectable, we are realizing the best for our clients. Do not hesitate to get more information about this subject by emailing or filling in our contact form.

Beside selling and buying we can offer you our help with financial services like estate planning issues concerning collections and taxes, by creating an individually tailored program with an interdisciplinary approach.